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FEATURED REVIEW in Hardware Wallets: Trezor Hardware Wallet

TabMine Pick: Trezor Hardware Wallet

There's no question about it, hardware wallets are about as secure as wallets get.

And the Trezor hardware wallet is top-notch, which makes sense, since it was the world's first hardware wallet. First, setup is easy. You plug it into a computer and pick your PIN code. Trezor has a cool and secure interface where you view the PIN numbers on your device but enter them on your computer screen, eliminating most security risks from malware on your computer. Trezor will then give you a recovery seed phrase to record, which you can use later to recover keys if needed. Trzeor also allows you to setup a passphrase for extra security.

Hardware wallets are valued in general for their security, and Trezor adds a few extra features on top of that. It gives you the option to add another account which can be used as a foil in case you are ever pressured into giving access to your wallet. And it's fairly immune to computer malware due to GUI design and also due to its limited USB setup, which does not allow communication back from your computer.

The Amazon bundle we linked to comes with not just the black Trezor itself, but also includes micro-USB & USB-C adapters for compatibility with almost everything, and a specialized archival pen with long-lasting, fade-resistant ink to ensure the recovery phrase you write down will be around for a long time.

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